Why You Need a Lawyer If You’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident (5 Reasons)

Many people seem to think it’s tacky or money-grubbing to hire an attorney when they’ve been in a car wreck. While there are those people who do use an accident as an opportunity to try to “cash in” for undeserved money, the fact of the matter is that compensation was built into the very laws that govern our automobile use.

  1. A driver is mandated, by law, to be covered by insurance.

    That is not only for the damage they might to do the car of someone they run into, but also to the occupants of the car they run into for the medical bills incurred because of the wreck, as well as for pain and suffering. When you hire an attorney, you’re not attacking someone or taking advantage of the system; you’re using the system as it was intended and designed. Accidents happen, and society legislated mandatory insurance to make sure that when they do, people’s lives aren’t ruined financially.

  2. Hiring an attorney to represent you isn’t a way to get rich unfairly

    It’s a way to make sure that your medical bills from the accident are covered and that you are properly compensated for the degree of your injuries. I often have told clients in minor accidents who have inquired about the “big money” they see on other lawyers’ TV ads, “You don’t want that big money; trust me. Anyone who gets ‘rich’ from an accident is in significant pain the rest of their lives.” As your advocate, an experienced attorney fights on your behalf to ensure you are properly compensated. Each case is different, but each time, the attorney’s duty is to use his knowledge and expertise to get you the best settlement he can.

  3. You need a lawyer because being in an accident can be a financial disaster for you even when it’s not your fault.

    Having someone run into you throws your entire life out of whack. You still need to get to your job (if you can still work), you need to get your car repaired (if it can be), you need to pay your bills, but now you need to figure out about doctor’s appointments and wrangling medical bills. You have no idea how many different places will send you bills and they will take their time getting the bills to you, so that by the time you think everything’s been covered, in comes another one. You’re already stressed out because of the accident and how it’s affected your life, so wading into uncertain waters and trying to talk to the insurance company of the driver that hits you is stressful as well. Without counsel and an advocate, you might very well end up losing money because of an accident that was not your fault. Don’t let that happen to you!

  4. The Other Guy’s Insurance Company is NOT your friend. They’re his friend.

    The insurance company of the driver that hit you will contact you very soon after the accident. They will be friendly and offer to take care of all the medical bills, of course, and to give you a few hundred or few thousand dollars to make up for the inconvenience of the accident. DON’T TAKE IT!!! I know it’s obvious, but the other driver’s insurance company is not there to be nice to you. They’re there to keep the amount they pay to you as low as possible. They’re required, by law, to pay for the medical bills, and your pain and suffering are subjective. Even if you don’t feel you’re hurt much, you still shouldn’t negotiate with them. You need a lawyer.

  5. You might end up paying to have been in an accident

    If you take the insurance company’s offer, you end up signing what’s known as a “release” before they’ll give you a check. That release means that if all the bills from your accident haven’t been accounted for (i.e. some come in after you’ve signed the release), you’re personally on the hook for them. Also, accidents have a way of causing injuries that linger far longer than expected or that arise days or weeks after the accident. Signing the release and accepting their money prevents you from ever being able to get paid back if you have to do follow-on medical treatment. Additionally, without a frame of reference (knowing the “market value”) for pain and suffering, you could be leaving a significant amount of money to which you are entitled.

Don’t do the insurance company a favor by helping them keep their money they should be paying you!
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