R3-Why you need a lawyer after a Wreck

When you've been involved in an automobile accident, it can be very confusing, not to mention stressful. Between the possible injuries, talking to insurance companies, and paperwork, a car accident can be overwhelming! Having an attorney there for you can help lighten your burden and help ensure you are taken care of. 

Having an attorney to assist you can be very crucial, especially if there has been a death or serious injury as these types of claims can be very complicated, particularly if multiple lawsuits have to be taken care of, for instance, if there are multiple vehicles involved. These types of accidents further complicate the insurance claim and may even lead to several lawsuits. In some cases, you may be facing a personal injury counterclaim. In situations like this, the court has to look at several legal issues, and the cost for some potential claims can be expensive.  

When filing a claim, The Rembert Law Firm can aid by advising you during the legal process and help you figure out the compensation that is due to you. For example, if you were injured in such a manner that you are unable to return to work for a certain amount of time, your attorney can make sure that you get enough compensation to cover your needs during that time. This compensation amount will include missed work and the cost of medical treatments you need or may need in the future due to the accident.

If an uninsured driver caused the automobile accident, some insurance claims will not pay enough to cover the expenses of treating your injuries or even the cost of damages done to your car. A lawyer will examine your options and advise you whether or not you can file a civil lawsuit against the uninsured driver in order to cover the cost of damages and injuries caused by the incident. 

Some attorneys can even help collect and analyze evidence to assist in finding out who was at fault in the accident. If the other driver's information is needed for evidence, a court order may be required for this data. A lawyer can request this information as part of the lawsuit. In some instances, certain features from the vehicles such as an event data recorder (EDR) also known as a black box (which is on some newer vehicles) can be used to help determine how fast the drivers were going, who was wearing their seat belt at the time and other crucial information that could potentially benefit your case. 

Typically the lawsuits settle without having to go to trial. In these instances, a person may receive a settlement from the at-fault driver's insurance company. Settling outside of court can save a lot of money, but sometimes the insurance company will offer a low compensation offer. Here at the Rembert Law Firm, we can help you better understand your rights and advise you if the offer from the insurance company is reasonable or not. Most of the time, a lawyer will be able to negotiate a higher settlement than a person would be able to do on their own. 

Remember, when filing a claim to pay close attention to deadlines. Having a good attorney can assist in making sure that deadlines are met and that they meet all procedural requirements needed for the lawsuit. 

Lawyers have experience in dealing with accidents and can suggest the best routes to take in dealing with these situations and also help ensure that you are taken care of without having to handle all of the stress from the paperwork involved and contacting the insurance companies on your own. Thus making your burden lighter and giving you some peace of mind. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident, call the Rembert Law Firm today!